About us

Huong’s Kitchen is a restaurant based in downtown St Catharines, Ontario. We have been serving the Niagara Region for 7 years with our Vietnamese and Thai inspired cuisine.


“I vow to make the best food I possibly can. I hope that the community can come out and enjoy our wonderful menu.”

Huong Nguyen
chef Huong


Born and raised in Vietnam with a passion for cooking, she attended culinary school while studying in Vietnam and learned how to appropriately prepare numerous Vietnamese dishes. With over 17 years of culinary experience mastering authentic and delicious Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. She uses the best of her ability to produce every dish with unique, fresh ingredients that allow her dishes to come to life for all to enjoy. Her signature dishes include the famous Vietnamese Pho, and her traditional family’s secret recipe, Crispy Roast Duck. Come, indulge and be inspired.  

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