Let's discover delicious Southeast Asian food recipes!

How to make delicious Pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup)?

The way to cook beef noodle soup with its characteristic aroma, sweet and rich broth, combined with soft and chewy noodles right below will help you have a delicious bowl of pho right away. In this blog, Huong’s Kitchen as a Vietnamese restaurant, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions and vivid illustrations. You will … Read more

Top 3 most famous Vietnamese Dishes

Vietnamese food has become more and more popular in western countries because of its unique flavours. Today, Huong’s Kitchen is going to introduce the three most famous Vietnamese dishes that are available at our Vietnamese restaurant in St Catharines. 1. Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup – Pho It seems that pho is the most famous dish … Read more

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